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    From Middle English pintil, from Old English pintel ("penis"), from Proto-Germanic *pint- ("protusion"), from Proto-Indo-European *bend- ("peg, tip, protruding point, edge"), equivalent to pin + -le. Cognate with Middle Low German pint ("male member, penis"), West Flemish pint ("tip"), Norwegian dialectal pintol ("penis"). More at pin, pen.

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    (plural pintles)
    1. (now dialectal) The penis.
    2. A pin or bolt, usually vertical, which acts as a pivot for a hinge or a rudder.
      • 2005, James Meek (author), The People’s Act of Love, (2006), page 31:The train had a searchlight mounted on a pintle on a flat car.
    3. (gunnery) An iron pin used to control recoil of a cannon or around which a gun carriage revolves.


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