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    From en + -producer + ess.

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    (plural produceresss)
    1. (rare) A female producer.
      • 1833, w:Adolphus Bernays, The German Reader, a Selection from the Most Popular Writers, Chapter The New Languages, 1. In the sixteenth century stormed a monk on the pulpit against the languages, and said quite unembarrassed: 2. “There is (has) a new language invented become (been), this is called the Greek; before this guard yourselves! she is the produceress of all heresies.”
      • 24 December 1916, Listen to Nora Bayes, Nora Bayes will enter the ranks of the produceresses tonight, when she will give a song recital at the Eltinge.
      • 10 February 1965, Henry S. Humphreys, Soprano, And ‘Produceress’, I’M SURE THAT women film producers are hard to find; especially “produceresses” of the caliber of Dona Holloway, who co-produces Universal Studios thriller-chillers with William Castle—things like “Strait-Jacket,” etc.
      • 1972, w:Joanna Russ, Images of Women in Fiction: Feminist Perspectives Chapter What Can a Heroine Do? Or Why Women Can’t Write, 8. A beautiful, seductive boy whose narcissism and instinctive cunning hide the fact that he has no mind (and in fact, hardly any sentient consciousness) drives a succession of successful actresses, movie produceresses, cowgirls, and film directresses wild with desire. They rape him.
        Authors do not make their plots up out of thin air, nor are the above pure inventions: every one of them is a story familiar to all of us. What makes them look so odd—and so funny—is that in each case the sex of the protagonist has been changed (and correspondingly the sex of the other characters).
      • 10 January 1999, w:Mike Downey, OK If I Run for Male Columnist of the Year?, Maybe he was nominated that way by the film’s producer. Or produceress.
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