• Progenitor


    • UK IPA: /pɹəʊˈdÊ’É›n.ɪ.tÉ™/, /pɹəˈdÊ’É›n.É™.tÉ™/
    • US IPA: /pɹoʊˈdÊ’É›n.ɪ.tÉš/, /pɹəˈdÊ’É›n.É™.tÉš/

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    From Middle English, from Middle French progeniteur (Modern French progéniteur), from Latin progenitor, from progenitus, perfect participle of progignere ("to beget"), itself from pro- ("forth") + gignere ("to beget").

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    (plural progenitors)
    1. A forefather, any of a person's direct ancestors
    2. An individual from whom one or more people (dynasty, tribe, nation...) are descended.''Abraham alias Ibrahim is the progenitor of both the Jewish and Arab peoples.
    3. (biology) An ancestral form of a species
    4. (figuratively) A predecessor of something, especially if also a precursor or model. was the progenitor of the Internet.
    5. (figuratively) Someone who originates something.
    6. A founder

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