• Promote


    • Rhymes: -əʊt


    From Latin prōmōtus, perfect passive participle of prōmoveō ("move forward, advance").

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    1. To raise (someone) to a more important, responsible, or remunerative job or rank.He promoted his clerk to office manager.Having crossed the chessboard, his pawn was promoted to a queen.
    2. To advocate or urge on behalf of (something or someone); to attempt to popularize or sell by means of advertising or publicity.They promoted the abolition of daylight saving time.They promoted the new film with giant billboards.
    3. To encourage, urge or incite
    4. (sports, usually in passive form) To elevate to the above league.At the end of the season, three teams are promoted to the Premier League.
    5. (chemistry) To increase the activity of a catalyst by changing its surface structure
    6. (chess) To exchange a pawn for a queen or other piece when it reaches the 8th rank


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