• Retinue

    Pronunciation ,

    • RP IPA: /ˈrɛt.ɪ.njuː/
    • US IPA: /ˈrɛtɪnuː/, /ˈrɛtɪnjuː/


    From Middle English retenue, from Old French retenue, past participle of retenir ("retain")

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    (plural retinues)
    1. A group of servants or attendants, especially of someone considered important.the queen’s retinues
      • 12 July 2012, Sam Adams, AV Club Ice Age: Continental DriftPreceded by a Simpsons short shot in 3-D—perhaps the only thing more superfluous than a fourth Ice Age movie—Ice Age: Continental Drift finds a retinue of vaguely contemporaneous animals coping with life in the post-Pangaea age.
    2. (obsolete) A service relationship.
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