• Terminate


    From Latin terminatus, past participle of terminare ("to set bounds to, bound, limit, end, close, terminate"), from terminus ("a bound, limit, end"); see term, terminus. Compare termine.

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    1. (transitive or intransitive, formal) To finish or end.to terminate a surface by a lineto terminate an effort, or a controversy
      • J. S. HarfordDuring this interval of calm and prosperity, he terminated two figures of slaves, destined for the tomb, in an incomparable style of art.
    2. (transitive, euphemistic) To kill.
    3. (transitive, euphemistic) To end the employment contract of an employee; to fire or lay off.




    1. Terminated; limited; bounded; ended.
    2. Having a definite and clear limit or boundary; having a determinate size, shape or magnitude.Mountains on the Moon cast shadows that are very dark, terminate and more distinct than those cast by mountains on the Earth.
    3. (mathematics) Expressible in a finite number of terms; (of a decimal) not recurring or infinite.One third is a recurring decimal, but one half is a terminate decimal.


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