• Twenty


    • UK enPR: twÄ•nt’ĭ IPA: /ˈtwÉ›nti/
    • US
    • Rhymes: -É›nti, -ÊŒnti

    Alternative forms

    • Arabic numerals: 20 see for numerical forms in other scripts
    • Roman numerals: XX


    From Middle English twenty, twenti, from Old English twēntiġ ("twenty", literally two tens), from Proto-Germanic *twaintigiwiz, *twai tigiwiz, an old compound of *twain-/*twai (see two) and *-tigaz/*teguz, equivalent to two + -ty, or twain + -ty. Cognate with Scots twenty, tuenty ("twenty"), West Frisian tweintich ("twenty"), Dutch twintig ("twenty"), German zwanzig ("twenty"), Danish tyve.



    1. The cardinal number 20, occurring after nineteen and before twenty-one.

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    (plural twenties)
    1. (colloquial) A banknote with a denomination of 20.The waiter’s face lit up when I gave him a twenty.
    2. (CB slang) 10-20 (location).What’s your twenty, good buddy?
    3. (military) A set of twenty push-ups.Drop and give me twenty, Ric! (Recruit.)
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