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    (usually uncountable; plural wikifications)
    1. The process of adding wiki syntax to text in a wiki platform, or converting HTML to wiki markup.
    2. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) The automated process of adding links to Wikipedia to specific words and phrases in an arbitrary text (e.g. a news article).
      • 2007, Andras Csomai and Rada Mihalcea, “Linking Educational Materials to Encyclopedic Knowledge”, in Rosemary Luckin et al. (editors), Artificial Intelligence in Education, IOS Press, , page 558:Given a text or hypertext document, we define “text wikification” as the task of automatically extracting the most important words and phrases in the document (keywords), and identifying for each such keyword the appropriate link to a Wikipedia article with detailed explanatory information about the corresponding keyphrase. ¶ Text wikification is performed in two steps. ...
      • 2009, Ian H. Witten, abstract of the presentation “Semantic Document Processing Using Wikipedia as a Knowledge Base”, in Shlomo Geva et al. (editors), Focused Retrieval and Evaluation (INEX 2009 workshop proceedings), Springer (2010), , page 3:This task will introduce the process of “wikification”; that is, automatically and judiciously augmenting a plain-text document with pertinent hyperlinks to Wikipedia articles – as though the document were itself a Wikipedia article. ... Wikification is a useful process in itself, ...
      • 2009–10, Amir Hossein Jadidinejad, Fariborz Mahmoudi, Cross-Language Information Retrieval Using Meta-language Index Construction and Structural Queries, in Multilingual Information Access Evaluation I, page 73:3 Query WikificationThe process of automatically recognizing the topics mentioned in an unstructured text and linking them to the appropriate Wikipedia 6 articles is known as wikification. Two Wikification methods have been proposed by now.

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