• Independence Day-related Scrabble Words

    Happy 4th of JulySince it’s Independence Day in no time, let’s go back in history and say a special thanks to the brave men and women who fought for our country’s freedom against the British: without them, we wouldn’t be playing Scrabble and Words with Friends. This occasion is marked by outdoor picnics, fireworks and social gatherings. After all, freedom and independence is a wonderful thing to have. Just imagine the course of history if our forefathers never signed the Declaration of Independence and if George Washington failed to cross the Hudson River. Anyway, if you’ve never liked history and English vocabulary lessons, you need to learn a few handy words pertaining to this holiday – you never know, you might find them useful in your next Scrabble game.

    Allies – A great group to have

    When wars are raging, it is important to have someone watch your back and help you shoot your enemies. An ally, better yet, allies, are great to have around, due to their contributions in and out of the battlefield. In the American Revolutionary War, the Patriots, headed by George Washington, were secretly helped by the Netherlands, France and Spain, providing ammunition and supplies. This turned into a full-blown war when they intervened directly. In Scrabble, both ALLIES and ALLY provide six points, not much, but it’s certainly useful if you want to get rid of multiple Ls!

    Corps – a military unit

    During the Revolutionary War and prior to the signing of the Declaration on Independence, the United States already had an army, although it wasn’t called “United States” first. They were first called the Continental Army, which was formed by the first 13 Colonies, were created in response to British aggression. This led to the formation of several corps – the most notable of which are the Continental Marines. In Scrabble, this word gives only a measly nine points, but it’s a great ways to kick out four consonants if your rack is full of them!

    Liberty – the state of being free

    This word is a cliché, although not everyone knows what it really means. This is basically defined as the state of being free within society from oppressive and totalitarian authority from one’s way of life, political views and behavior. Currently, we are all living in a state of liberty, as opposed to countries like North Korea, who are under totalitarian rule. Anyway, this is what our forefathers fought for, to be free from the taxes imposed by the British back in the 18th century. In Scrabble, this gives 12 points. Being a potential bingo word, it can give as much as 62.

    Musket – the main firearm

    The musket was the main firearm used in the Revolutionary War. Used by the infantry and militia, it is a smooth-bored firearm which was a PAIN to load and fire. It was preceded by the arquebus and was replaced by the more accurate, easy to use and more powerful rifle. They were affixed with bayonets for close-quarter combat. In Scrabble, it gives 13 points, but adding an S to make it plural will make it a bingo word!

    Tonight, as you watch the fireworks and dine with your family and friends, remember the gallant Patriots, both dead and alive, who fought for our freedom not only centuries ago, but also to the ones currently in service. Happy Independence Day!