• How to Quickly Score a Bingo in Scrabble

    A bingo in Scrabble is like an ace in tennis: it has a lot of value and it could either change the complexion of the game, or even pad your lead to triple digits. This is so given that it gives a bonus 50 points to the player who manages to do it. This happens when you use up all the seven tiles on your rack. Skilled Scrabble players usually score two to four bingos per game on average, whole novices only manage one or none. You might think that the words you are able to form are exclusively determined by the luck of the draw, this isn’t always the case: it involves rack management, a much-coveted and important aspect in learning the game. So, aside from which, what are some other ways to make yourself score a bingo in Scrabble?

    Learn diagraphs and blends

    There are certain letters that always go along with each other and having them on your rack increases the chances of scoring bingos. These groups of letters are called diagraphs, or blends. Let’s try to look back at primary school English: blends are groups of consonants that make a distinct sound. Some of these include the following, along with some of their bingo words: