• Scrabble Z Words That You Must Use


    There are numerous words containing Z in a game of Scrabble, which is why you need to take time to study them. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to learn these words in order to win games, and these will certainly involve using Z words every now and then. Although there’s only one letter tile containing the letter, it dishes out a whopping 10 points – drawing it should actually be considered a blessing instead of a hindrance. Having said that, here are some useful and highly usable Z words that you certainly want to use every time you play.

    Vowel rich words with Z

    Sometimes, we’re left with and uncooperative rack containing vowels and the letter Z – in this case, you need to think of words containing Z that have more than two vowels. Here are a few good examples:

    Ooze – although you can simply play the word “zoo”, sometimes games are decided by a single point. Having said that, this word dishes out a respectable 13 points with a maximum of 39 if placed on a triple square tile. It means to slowly trickle out of something.

    Ouzo – if you’re not Greek, or into Greek cuisine, then you most likely have not heard of this word. Despite its seemingly oriental name, Ouzo is a word used to call an alcoholic drink derived from anise fruits. In Scrabble though, it gives a lucky 13 points and a chance to get rid of three vowels in one swoop.

    Feeze – derived from Middle English, this word is used to define a state of alarm or excitement. It gives a respectable 17 points and an awesome way to get rid of three E’s at the same turn.

    Sometimes, people have the tendency to swap their letter tiles when they face a daunting task of trying to conjure words with Z just out of thin air, especially if the rack is filled with vowels. Remember these words when you’re playing: they could save you the game!

    Three letter must-learn words

    Words containing Z are always used to score big – just look at words like muzjiks, beziques and caziques, all of which have the potential to give you over 100 points. Having said that though, you shouldn’t take short  words for granted – these are as important as the long, high scoring words listed earlier. Here are some examples of short Z words that you should learn:

    Za – sometimes, our heads are left scratching because of the letter Z – it’s either we’re experiencing mental block or because we have an uncooperative rack. In such situations, just place a Z on top or before an A on the board and poof, instant 11 points! Za is a slang word for pizza back in the 80s.

    Zax – let’s say your opponent put the word “Za” right before a bonus square, confident that he closed the board, rendering the bonus tile unusable. Laugh it off and place the letter X after the A and on the bonus tile – after which, watch his look of dismay. This word gives 19 points and is defined as a slater’s tool used to cut, trim and carve stone.

    Wiz – also spelled “Whiz” this word is used to define someone that is wickedly good at what he does. If you’re wickedly good at Scrabble, you’re going to play this word a few times in your lifetime. It dishes out a quick 15 points – not bad for a three letter word.

    Other short Z words include zoa, zed, zit, zoo, biz, fiz, fez, zag, zap and adz. Now that you know these words, is the letter Z one of your close friends now? Remember, always use it wisely!