• Social Benefits of Words With Friends

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    Regardless if you’re using a Words With Friends cheat board or if you’re playing tactically, Zynga’s masterpiece of a creation presents a number of social benefits. Basically, like most games on mobile, Words With Friends is an online game, with the aim of targeting non-gamers. Casual gamers are actually the biggest market for games in this day and age, since they could be anyone: your uncles, little cousins and even mother. This is one of the main reasons why WWF is a success story. The game has also inspired a number of success stories, particularly in the social aspect, making people call it: Words With Friends….with benefits.

    People like people who have a way with words

    According to Zynga, 47% of players in Words With Friends say that they are “crushing” on someone they are currently playing with. Losing to someone who happens to be a great WWF player can be irritating to some, but others may find it….attractive. Although evolution suggests that women are more into larger men that could meet their needs, others prefer ones that have a way with words. Simply put, being good at a word game means that you’re good with words.

    Dating someone you met in a game?

    Although meeting someone in a game shouldn’t always be done, 40% of players in Words With Friends say that they would date anyone they met in-game, according to a poll done by Zynga. Take note though, you should only meet anyone you developed a relationship with, especially if he or she seems to be a good chap. Online relationships are not a rarity nowadays, but they don’t always end well. However, in some cases, it went all the way, even resulting to a tied knot.

    The game even led to hookups

    The word “hookup” in a social sense has a number of meanings: most that say it are even unfamiliar with it. It may involve something as a romantic dinner to kissing to intimate acts. The term is mostly used by college students, but Words With Friends players are also using it. If you’re asking why, then according to a poll done by Zynga, one out of 10 players say that the game led directly to a hookup.

    Exchanging contact information

    According to Zynga, 24% of Words With Friends players have exchanged handles or usernames, instead of phone numbers. However, Zynga failed to take into take into account the number of players that have exchanged social media (Facebook, Twitter) information, as well as phone numbers. Given the possibilities, it is certainly possible that a number of players interacted with each other off the game.

    Lastly, Words With Friends could lead to marriage

    Yes, you just read that. Words With Friends may lead to marriages. No matter how absurd and improbable that sounded, this has actually happened a number of times. First on the list would be David and Trish Palmer, who were both undergoing a tough phase in their lives (divorce). Although they were far apart (David was from Houston and Trish from Rhode Island), a connection developed and they are now happily married. Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse, also met in a chance encounter five years ago. Megan, an American, found a random opponent who happened to be his future husband Jasper, from the Netherlands.
    Given these stories, anything’s possible when it comes to love.