• Sweet Tips to Become a Skilled Scrabble Player

    Skilled Scrabble PlayerWhat does it take to be a skilled Scrabble player? [tweet me] Do you know that a good player average upwards 400 points in a game of one-on-one? If you have played this game, you probably know how difficult to score that point. That’s for a good player alone. How much more when a skilled player starts placing tiles on the board? What might his overall score at the end of the game? Eight hundred? Nine hundred? Thousands?

    All brainiacs, as you may call the skilled players, started from a scratch. They all begun from little known words. Enthusiasm and passion are what made them great. It takes great perseverance to learn how to form words and the smart use of board multipliers to become a skilled player. If they’ve made it, you can make it too!

    Memorizing the dictionary might be a good way, only if you can. Stop and take a deep breath first. Before you browse the thousand words in your dictionary, get a hold first of these words with friends cheat board. You can use it to strategize before you join a scrabble game. Though it is a cheat intended for an actual online game, you can utilize it for a pastime practice. You may consider it as one of the sweet tips, but it is actually helpful, especially for beginners who wish to improve their vocabulary.

    Now, here it is. The tips to become a skilled scrabble player.

    Top 5 Scrabble Tips

    #1 Learn the Power of 2-Words

    Mind you, the use of long words is not always the way to win a scrabble game. The use of two words can give you an amazing score if you learn the right way and time to place them on the board. Not all two-words are necessary though. The best tip is to use the two letters with the highest value – Q and Z. When paired with a vowel, they can hit a bulls eye! This is best when they are placed on a triple letter square. You may use these pairs: QI (life force), ZA (pizza), ZO (Himalayan cattle).

    #2 Manage Your Rack

    Expect that you will not always pick a very good letter after your turn. Being said this, it is a smart strategy to manage your rack. Keep your tiles balanced by combining the soft consonants (HLMNRSWYZ) and hard consonants (BDFGJKPQTVX). This will help you to prevent being trapped from an unplayable rack of letters. Have a good mix of consonants and vowels to have an assurance of a good next move.

    #3 Escaping from a Vowel Trap

    You might grab too many vowels after your turn – a vowel trap. This is inevitable and unpredictable sometimes. Words with friends can help you get through with this by teaching you what are some of the pure vowel words you can use in a turn. Here are some of the examples: AE (one), AI (slow moving shaggy South American animal), EA (a river), IO (moth), and OI (shout for attention).

    #4 Freedom from a Consonant Dump

    If there’s a vowel trap, there is also a consonant dump. It is when you rack contains too much of what’s needed number of consonants. Keep your rack’s balance by freeing your rack from it. Words with friends cheat can teach you some pure, consonant words. Here are some good examples:

    CH (eke), FY (fie), KY (cow), BRR (shivering), CWM (steep sided hollow).

    #5 Change Your Tiles, if highly NEEDED

    You will come at a point where you will really need to change your tiles. This is when you pick a more than enough number of consonants. Scoring zero in a turn is not always a bad thing. In fact, you might score outstandingly by changing tiles in a turn. But it always depends on you. If you think that it is the right time, don’t hesitate to do so.

    Here are some of the tips in becoming a skilled scrabble player someday. Score high and win every game!

    Photo credits via: freedigitalphotos.net