• The Scrabble Helper Pro’s Coming At You


    Scrabble has grown to become a game that’s being played word wide. Its popularity has grown the game to many variants of which Words with Friends is the best known. Pretty sure if you’re a frequent player you’ve run into a few rough moves. The Scrabble helper team sat down to write one of many articles to help you win in Scrabble. Here are a few of the keys to Scrabble success:

    Crack down and extend your vocabulary:

    Evidently, when your vocabulary is large your opportunities to scoring higher increase radically, which in turn helps you better identify whenever your opponent’s are playing an illegitimate word. So the better your vocabulary, the better you are going to play the word game. When we say study and extend your vocabulary, we don’t just mean go out there and start memorizing the dictionary.

    First of all, try to catch your opponent playing an illegal word. This simply means that they’ll get a penalty and you’ll get the turn to play a word. The second thing to do is to look into words that will earn you bonus points. When talking bonus point words, we’re especially referring to seven letter words and 8 letter Scrabble words.

    The art of tracking the tiles:

    It almost feels like an illegal thing to do since card-counting is considered illegal and penalized at a blackjack table. However, this will be one of your best Scrabble helpers ever. Counting the tiles during a pro Scrabble game is not just legal; it’s actually a must if you want to enter the big league. When counting or keeping “track” of the letters you can play calculated words which allow you to guess what your opponent might play in his or her turn. The power of knowing what your opponent has left in their rack will allow you to either block high scoring plays or give them the infamous unplayable letters V or Q.

    Using the blank tiles:

    The blank tiles can be your best friend in a Scrabble or Words with Friends game. They give you the option to add a letter to a rack and create a new, usually high scoring, word in a play. One of the most infamous “blank-tile” letter is the “S”, which we’ve seen many players rack up 50+ bonus points using the blank tiles. Of course, there are letters that bring out fear with some players such as the “Q”. Even though Q tiles can yield a big score, you might just want to get rid of sooner than later by playing a strategic Q words without U.

    Rushing your spelling:

    One of the most notorious problems with word games is your opponent getting pushy when you’re not coming up with words quickly. Our advice; just take your time to come up with words and you do not always want to play the best possible word you see at first. Don’t forget to look into the seven and eight letter words, digging through these will help you identify word combinations more quickly.

    Just like in some sports, the best defense is often a good offense:

    Another one common mistake beginner lever players tend to make is to try and block high scoring words and superior tiles. Usually playing the defensive will force you to sacrifice points early on in the game. The more advanced players are more focused on scoring and aren’t too caught up with keeping the board open.