• How to Use a Blank Tile to Win Scrabble

    Scrabble Blank TileYell the word ‘bingo’ and your opponents will fear your next move. It’s just one of the coolest tactics to win a scrabble game. You make everyone hear that word to send them shaking, with the thought that your next move will be an epic (even though it’s not). That’s for the psychological tactic. Another best way to win the game is the use of the blank tile [Tweet Me!].

    You are not aware what score lies beyond a blank tile, once you lay your hands on it. Though it has no numerical value, it can make you win. You can score high through its ability to take any form of letter – may it be a vowel or a consonant. It can be powerful if you know how to make the most out of it.

    There are strategies involved in dealing with a blank tile. In fact, you may consider it as a magic tile. You can set it to whatever you wish it to. And that’s one thing that gives you an edge over your opponents.

    4 Tips to Use a Blank Tile Effectively

    1. Use it to play all 7 tiles in a single move

    Think of all the possibilities which a blank tile can help you play all your seven tiles. When an opportunity comes, then by all means, get rid of all the tiles on your rack. Remember, you gain an additional 50 points when playing all seven tiles in a single turn. A good strategy is to place your tiles in order, in a way, that a single tile is only left to complete the word.

    2. Set the blank tile to ‘S’

    The use of an ‘S’ has been a popular strategy to score high in a game. It is often added to a long word with a lot of high point value letters, as this gratifies a better score. When a blank tile, used as ‘S’, lands on a triple or double word multiplier, after connecting to a word of the previous turn, you’ll get a good score – despite of its no-numerical value.

    3. Use it to replace low value letters

    A blank letter can be set to any letter that you want. This gives you a privilege to use it to replace low value letters at the most crucial time. This helpful, especially when all letters you have on your rack are high value letters (most are consonants). This then lets you score high in your turn. And remember that any letter can be handy when you learn how to use the right way. You may find help from words with friends cheat to learn the best words to use when you encounter a particular set of letters.

    4. Two blank tiles are much better

    Again, you’ll receive 50 points when you place all seven letters on the board in a turn. Having two blank tiles can help you even better. Having two irreplaceable letters, you’ll have more word options for your next turn. So if possible, wait until you pick out another blank tile before you throw the first one on the board.

    There is also an online word game on the internet – a scrabble-like game called word finder. You can play it as a practice session for your next scrabble tournament. You can use words with friends helper to come up with high-scoring words that you can use on your turn.

    Blank tile is an angel that will help you win so learn how to use it effectively.