• Winning Words with Friends Game: It’s Not A Beginner’s Luck!

    Words WIth Friends OnlineIt is common for first-time players of words with friends to lose in their first few games. Crazy, but it always happen that when a beginner win over a long-time player, his opponent often says; “Nah, it’s just a beginner’s luck!” Well, it is probably right, only if the player has no idea how he won the game. But does it always have to be this way?

    I don’t think that beginners should always lose in their first time of playing this game. As a beginner, enough relying on luck. You can’t have it all the time, so it’s best to opt for a guarantee. There are several ways for you to win words with games without any luck by your side [Tweet Me!]. It’s by learning the strategies.

    Words With Friends Facts

    One of the amazing benefits of having an iPhone is you can download and play today’s one of the coolest word games – words with friends. It has almost the same rules as Scrabble so it won’t be difficult for you to learn it.

    One of the important things you should know about words with friends game is that you can play with any person around the globe. Regardless of the distance between the both of you, for as long as there is an internet connection, you can both play this game.

    Like scrabble, you should expect that it can last for hours, sometimes days or weeks! There are no challenges. You can have as many trials and errors as you want, until you find a word that satisfies you. But a tiny tip for you. You should make your move fast if you wish to have more people to play with you. No one would probably play with someone that takes an entire day for a single turn, right?

    Best Winning Strategy

    So how would a beginner like you win words with friends game? Simple. Learn the strategies involved.

    The Mindset

    First off, be mindful that it’s not only about a challenge of vocabulary, but also a challenge of calculating. Yes, you have to be a good mathematician. In you every turn, consider the score you will obtain in a particular word. And always be mindful of the distance of your score with your opponent. If your score is lesser, make sure it’s not at far distance. A 10 point advantage can be difficult to catch on.

    Strengthen Your Defenses

    Defend yourself from making your opponent to score on multipliers. See to it that your turn will not make your opponent access those multipliers. You know how frightening it is to see your rival play his letter Z with the triple word box on the board. For that single letter alone, he receives 30 points.

    Bridging Words Through Letter S

    Bridging can help you win. Of course, you’ll need a good vocabulary about words on a given tile to use when you obtain a letter S tile. A free word finder cheat can help you train with this skill. It will provide you with a list of words of a give set of tiles. By it, you can find what word can give you a better score while dealing with the S tile.

    Work With Power Tiles

    The power tiles can can help you score amazingly in a turn. The first set of power tiles has a very high letter value: Z, Q, X, and J. Play them with the multipliers and you’ll surely score high. Blank and S tiles are also power tiles with their ability to bridge letters. If you are passionate about winning, use them in the best manner possible.

    Don’t Pass, If Possible

    If there is any way you can put your tiles on the board, do it. Passing would probably make you change your tiles for a better, but look the opportunity of your opponent. If in case he can access the multipliers with a certain word, it’s best if you cover that passage to keep him away from accessing it. Use a two-word letter at least to do it. Find help from words with friends cheat if it’s seems difficult for you to come up with the best two-letter word.

    A beginner’s win is no longer based on luck! Learn these strategies and tips. You can also use the words with a friends helper for coming up with good words to play.

    Photo credits via: allthingsd.com