• Word Finder: Your Best Scrabble Counselor

    win in scrabbleThe game is really on! Once you picked your seven squared tiles, words start popping out of your mind. Whether it is a one-on-one game or a set of four players, your greatest goal is to win. And the most obvious way is to do it is by mustering thousands of words in the dictionary. You’ll have an edge against the others when your vocabulary is better compared to your rivals.

    But that’s not the only way to win. You may know tons of words, but they are not enough to defeat your opponents. You also need a strategy. Scrabble is not merely a game for fun. It is a game that tests your intellectual capacity to create words out of the given tiles on a rack. And playing is not just placing tiles on the board. Neither it is creating too long words. You can’t impress others just like that.

    The score is what makes you win, and in order to score high on the game, you should know how to use the multipliers [Tweet Me!]. Moreover, you should learn how to place a certain word that connects to other words on the board.

    4 Excellent Benefits of Playing Scrabble

    Scrabble has been a favorite game of everyone. It can be played in a maximum of four players, which makes it a fantastic game to be played by the whole family, including the kids. But scrabble is not only intended for entertainment. Much more, it is helpful in increasing your intellectual ability. There are four excellent benefits of playing scrabble. Read on to know them

    1. Enhances Your Spelling Ability

    Spelling is one of the weaknesses of most people. There are words which are easy to say, yet are too difficult to spell out. This is bad when you write letters, especially for important purposes. Playing scrabble can enhance that ability. The entire players might be laughing hard with your wrong-spelled word, but it is actually a way for you to realize things. It then helps you become a better speller.

    2. Develops Your Creativity

    There are certain rules in scrabble when a player is forced to be creative. First, you should not place the same word that is already on the board. Second, you should only create a word from the given tiles on your rack. A player should abide with those rules. And the analysis you make, as well as the word you’ve made on your turn, both signify that you have made a creative move.

    3. Improves Your Math Skill

    One part of creativity in Scrabble is the analysis of a score for each move. Score is what makes you win so every move has to consider the value of each letter. It’s actually easy to count the scores, but when you do it in almost every possible move (analyzing which is the best), you will most likely improve your mathematical ability. This is even more challenging when the game is played under a given time limit for every move.

    4. Offers You Entertainment

    Scrabble is still a game, and a game is intended to give fun. You will gain great laughs and enjoyment when you play this with your family and friends.

    Online Scrabble Contest

    There is now an online game meant to be played by web users. This means that you are competing against other races and citizens in all parts of the world. Same rules are applied. Similar set up as well. But an online game can be more challenging because you commonly face a highly intellectual opponent. Mind you, they are not easy to compete against.

    Best Way to Win: Use the Counselor

    The web is the best source of information. In scrabble, it can also be a good helper for you to win. One of the best ways to win in the online scrabble contest is to use words with friends helper. They are often called words with friends cheat. Cheat, as you may call them, is purposely made to render a help. Of course, it intends to assist you on your vocabulary practice.

    Words with friends cheat board contain a set of words which have the same letters to a word you have searched for. For example, you input the word “SCRABBLE.” The guide will provide you with words you can use on your turn, with letters present on the word SCRABBLE. It may show you CRABS, BEARS, CLEAR, etc. It can be your greatest counselor at times when you don’t know how to score well in a turn. It can help you form high-scoring words that can make you win the game.

    Win your practice game! Words with friends can guide you at times your brain struggles to create a winning word for your next turn. It is your best counselor that will lead you to victory.

    Photo credits via: pixabay.com