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    1. Abbreviation of alternative
    2. Abbreviation of altitude
    3. A state of excitement, conveyed by a high pitched voice.
      • 1748, w, The History of Clarissa Harlowe: In a Series of Letters, I was, however, glad at my heart, that Mrs. Moore came up so seasonably with notice, that dinner was ready. The fair fugitive was all in alt. She had the game in her own hands; and by giving me so good an excuse for withdrawing, I had time to strengthen myself; the Captain had time to come; and the Lady to cool.
      • c. 1875, w, The Dodd Family Abroad, "Not," added she, as her eyes glittered with anger, and she sidled near the door for an exit—" not but, in the estimation of others, you may be quite an Adonis—a young gentleman of wit and fashion —a beau of the first water; I have no doubt Mary Jane thinks so— you old wretch!" This, in alt, and a bang of the door that brought down an oil picture that hung over it, closed the scene.
      • 1891, Douglas William Jerrold, Tales: now first collected, He had no wish to pry or listen ; but if people would talk in alt, whilst he moved, like a mole, about his business, family matters would cleave the ear which, however it tried, could not be deaf.
      • 2011, w, The Marrying Maid, That lady was in alt at Loxsleigh's high station and had spent the morning making inquiries of her friends, which also allowed her to spread the word about her interesting new acquaintance.
    4. (knitting) Abbreviation of alternate
    5. (music) Abbreviation of alto
      • 1762, w, The Musical Lady, Sophy Moderato! moderato! Madam. Your Ladyship's absolutely in alt.
        Lady Scrape In alt! Madam?
        Sophy Yes, in alt- Give me leave to tell your Ladyship, that you have raised your voice a full octave higher since you came into the room.
      • 1794, Mrs. Bennett (Agnes Maria), Ellen, Countess of Castle Howel: A Novel, The duet was in alt; one stormed, the other half crying, half scolding, made up in volubility what her aunt possessed in authority, and it was not 'till Lady Meredith had twice raised her mild voice, either party could be silenced.
      • 1857, Anne Manning, Helen and Olga: a Russian tale, And he began, — "Poor insect! born to flutter and to die;" — falling into the second, directly Helen took the first, till he got down to such unreasonable bass that he suddenly gave a shriek in alt that made Olga stop her ears.



    (plural alts)
    1. (Internet, multi-user dungeon) One of a player's alternate or secondary characters.
      • 1996, "Jonobie D. Baker", Survey of MUSHers. (on newsgroup rec.games.mud.tiny)Of these alts, how many of them are a gender other than your own?
      • 2000, "KaVir", Code Bases - why release buggy crap? (on newsgroup alt.mud)Yes, I have many alts, and no, none of the others have any unusual capitalisation.


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