• Player


    • IPA: /ˈpleɪə(ɹ)/
    • Rhymes: -eɪə(ɹ)


    From Middle English playere, from Old English pleġere ("player, athlete, wrestler"), equivalent to play + -er.

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    (plural players)
    1. One that plays
      1. One who plays any game or sport.
      2. (theater) An actor in a dramatic play.
      3. (music) One who plays on a musical instrument.
      4. (gaming, video games) A gamer; a gamester.
      5. (gambling) A gambler.
      6. (historical) A mechanism that actuates a player piano or other automatic musical instrument.
        • 1915, John McTammany, The Technical History of the Player, But up to this time the application of the player mechanism had been confined to reed instruments, the piano manufacturers having successfully resisted the introduction of the player mechanism into the piano; but, in the meantime, the manufacturers of players had grown strong and the manufacturers were beginning to properly interpret the handwriting on the wall
        • 1909, William Braid White, Regulation and Repair of Piano and Player Mechanism, ..., A Technical Treatise on Piano Player Mechanism" contains detailed description of the various types of interior and exterior players, embracing manual, pneumatic, automatic, mechanical and electric
        • 1970, Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume, Player piano: the history of the mechanical piano and how to repair it, Electric players used either a four-lobe rotary pump belt-driven by an electric motor or a self-contained electric motor and ...
      7. (electronics) An electronic device or software application that plays audio and/or video media, such as CD player.
      8. One who is playful; one without serious aims; an idler; a trifler.
      9. A significant participant.He thought he could become a player, at least at the state level.
      10. (informal) A person who plays the field rather than having a long-term sexual relationship.



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