• Append


    • US IPA: /ʌˈpÉ›nd/
    • UK IPA: /əˈpÉ›nd/
    • Rhymes: -É›nd
    • Homophones: upend


    From Latin appendere ("to hang up, suspend on, pay out") via Old French apendre, appendre; from ad ("on, upon, against") + pendere ("to suspend, hang"). Compare with Old English appenden, apenden ("to belong"), See also pendant.

    Full definition of append


    1. (transitive) To hang or attach to, as by a string, so that the thing is suspended; as, a seal appended to a record; the inscription was appended to the column.
    2. (transitive) To add, as an accessory to the principal thing; to annex; as, notes appended to this chapter.
    3. (computing) To write more data to the end of a pre-existing file.

    Derived terms



    (plural appends)
    1. (computing) An instance of writing more data to the end of an existing file.


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