• Disjoint


    • UK IPA: /dɪsˈdʒɔɪnt/
    • Rhymes: -ɔɪnt


    From Old French desjoindre

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    1. not smooth or continuous; disjointed
    2. (set theory) (not used in the comparative or superlative) Of two or more sets, having no members in common; having an intersection equal to the empty set.

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    1. To render disjoint; to remove a connection, linkage, or intersection.to disjoint limbs; to disjoint bones; to disjoint poultry by carving
      • PriorYet what could swords or poisons, racks or flame,
        But mangle and disjoint the brittle frame?
      • LongfellowSome half-ruined wall
        Disjointed and about to fall.
    2. To break the natural order and relations of; to make incoherent.a disjointed speech
    3. To fall into pieces.
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