• Replay


    • Rhymes: -eɪ

    Full definition of replay


    1. (transitive) to play again
    2. to display a recording of a previous event, especially multiple times




    (plural replays)
    1. the replaying of (something), for example of televised footage.Show us that replay one more time.
      • 2012, May 5, Phil McNulty, Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool, He met Luis Suarez's cross at the far post, only for Chelsea keeper Petr Cech to show brilliant reflexes to deflect his header on to the bar. Carroll turned away to lead Liverpool's insistent protests that the ball had crossed the line but referee Phil Dowd and assistant referee Andrew Garratt waved play on, with even a succession of replays proving inconclusive.
    2. (gaming) saved video footage of gameplay of computer game
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