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    (plural not attested)
      • 1587, w, By these and many other reasons and examples I cannot beleeue that these Claiks (or Barnacls as I call them) are producted either by the qualities of the trées or the roots thereof, but onelie by the nature of the sea, which is the verie cause and productrix of so manie wonderfull creatures.
      • 1630, Walter Travers, Vindiciæ Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ: or A Iustification of the Religion Now Profesed in England, Either then this vniuerÅ¿all grace is Å¿auing grace, (which cannot be, for then all men Å¿hould be Å¿aued by it, Å¿ince all men are pertakers of it, as our Arminians affirme: yea, then grace it Å¿elfe againÅ¿t all rules of reaÅ¿on, Å¿hould be the cauÅ¿e and author of it Å¿elfe, Å¿ince you make this vniuerÅ¿al grace the productrix, the efficient cauÅ¿e of Å¿auing grace, and Å¿o by conÅ¿equence of it Å¿elfe,) or elÅ¿e it cannot be author, the procurer of true Å¿auing grace, which Å¿o farre differs from it, both in kinde, and eminency.
      • 1635, Etienne Molinier, A Mirrour for Christian States: or, A Table of Politick Vertues Considerable Amongst Christians, They are ordinarily engendred by good Fortune, yet doe they commonly Å¿poyle and ruine their productrix.
      • 1650, Virgilio Malvezzi, Considerations upon the Lives of Alcibiades and Corialanus, Patience, Å¿hall likewiÅ¿e be called the productrix of all vertues.
      • Stanley History of Philosophy|volume=III|pages=129 and 140|passage=Matter, is the print, mother, nurÅ¿e, and productrix of the third eÅ¿Å¿ence; for, receiving likeneÅ¿s into it Å¿elf, and being, as it were, characteriÅ¿ed by them, it perfects all productions....THe Intelligible world proceeds out of the Divine mind, after this manner; The Tetractys reflecting upon its owne eÅ¿Å¿ence, (the firÅ¿t Unite, productrix of all things) and on its owne beginning, (the firÅ¿t product) Å¿aith thus, Once one, twice two, immediately ariÅ¿eth a Tetrad, having on its top the higheÅ¿t unite, and becomes a Pyramis, whoÅ¿e BaÅ¿e is a plain Tetrad, anÅ¿werable to a Superficies, upon which the radiant light of the divine unity produceth the form of incorporeall fire, by reaÅ¿on of the deÅ¿cent of Juno, (Matter) to inferiour things.
      • 1681, Humphrey Brooke, The Durable Legacy, Honour is the reward of Vertue, and though a Vitious man may think to have it by the prerogative of his Mastership, yet he but deceives himself, he may have lip or knee-service, but little of the heart, they may be obliged by interest but never by affection, which is the productrix of the truest service.
      • 1669, Hugh Davis, De Jure Uniformitatis Ecclesiasticæ: or Three Books, of the Rights Belonging to an Uniformity in Churches. In Which the Chief Things, of the Lawes of Nature, and Nations, and of the Divine Law, Concerning the Consistency of the Ecclesiastical Estate with the Civil, Are Unfolded., in the mean time, it is for theÅ¿e reaÅ¿ons mention’d, and becauÅ¿e unity is the productrix of Å¿uch excellent things to Humane Societies, that it hath ever been endeavoured after, and preÅ¿Å¿ed upon men by all Laws both Divine and Humane, as is Å¿aid: Behold, how good and pleaÅ¿ant a thing it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity! Å¿ays the Å¿weet Å¿inger of IÅ¿rael.
      • 1782, Richard Baker, How the Knowledge of Salvation Is Attainable. A Sermon, Preached at the Arch-Deacon’s Visitation, at Aylsham, in Norfolk, on the 12th of April, 1779., For, although Faith itÅ¿elf, the grand productrix, and inÅ¿trument of conveyance of every Å¿piritual gift, be “the evidence of things not seen;” and it being thought that knowledge ends where faith begins, yet Å¿urely may we be Å¿aid to know their truth or falÅ¿hood; or what evidence does faith bring with it?
      • 1868, Charles Elliott, South-Western Methodism. A History of the M. E. Church in the South-West, from 1844 to 1864. Comprising the Martyrdom of Bewley and Others; Persecutions of the M. E. Church, and Its Reorganization, Etc., As slavery entirely excludes marriage, and therefore establishes promiscuous intercourse of the sexes, the father is never a known person, in law or in social society, and the mother is a mere productrix and a nurse, and the child, after that, is not the mother’s, but the master’s, just as his colts and calves are his.
      • 1888, Dr. N. V. Jastreboff, of Warsaw, thinks that when the woman is in the child-bearing period and the remaining ovary perfectly healthy, to leave it intact is to intentionally retain the “possibility of conception and pregnancy,” that is, that the woman as a productrix has been preserved.
      • 1966, He shows that the complete transition from partial ovipara-productrix to complete ovipara-productrix may require several generations, that the time between fundatrix and the potency for the production of sexuals is constant for a given clone at a certain temperature, but not the number of generations...
      • 1967, Dam, the phenomenal productrix...
      • 2002, Lamia Ben Youssef Zayzafoon, The Production of the Muslim Women in Western Gnosis, Feminist Theory, Maghrebian Nationalism and Literature, Woman produces a productrix of men; she does not produce material goods but rather this essential thing that is a Muslim (male).
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