• Rebus


    • enPR: rÄ“'bÉ™s, IPA: /ˈriːbÉ™s/
    • Rhymes: -iːbÉ™s


    From French rébus, from Latin rebus (ablative plural of res ‘thing’), as taken from the phrase de rebus quae geruntur ‘concerning the things that are taking place’, used in sixteenth-century Picardie as the name for satirical pieces containing picture-riddles.

    From the Latin ablative plural form of res "thing" (=rebus ("of or by things")), taken from the phrase "nōn verbīs sed rébus" meaning "not by words but by things".



    (plural rebuses)
    1. A kind of word puzzle which uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.
    2. (heraldry) A pictorial suggestion on a coat of arms of the name of the person to whom it belongs.

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    1. (transitive) To mark or indicate by a rebus.
      • FullerHe Morton had a fair library rebused with More in text and Tun under it.


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